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Gray Panthers invites you to march with us in the Women’s March on NYC on January 20, 2018


Gray Panthers was honored to be a member of the Leadership Committee for the January 20, 2018 Women’s March in NYC.  Once again, this year’s Women’s March marks an important and visible reflection of the power of women of all ages, and their allies.  As marchers, Gray Panthers is proud to have been among the first contingents of the parade.  We were represented by more than 40 members – a substantial presence.  More than 200,000 women, along with their allies, marched down Central Park West and Sixth Avenue to demonstrate that their voices must be heard; that active participation in the political process and following their passions is critical in today’s world.  We are here to show that the veil of invisibility must be lifted, so that the gifts and talents of older women (and their allies) can continue to make positive contributions.  

Here are a few comments from Gray Panthers marchers.

Lee:              Buoyed by all the spirit and voices of women around me, determined to March with canes, in wheel chairs, rickety and wobbly but MARCHING. Saw Yoko Ono being buoyed by her friends on each side. She was determined, like all of us, to show up. Not beautiful, not lithe and young but WOMEN who care about quality of life for all. So we get old with a little help from our friends.  Thank you Gray Panthers for holding a space for us. Otherwise I couldn't participate.


Nydia:            The weather was made to order and it was another remarkable New York City day of solidarity among people of all ages. A display of caring enough to demand what is most important in life: the opportunity to live and work together for a common goal of justice and peace with empathy. 


Sally:              My fellow marchers who went with the Gray Panthers and I really appreciated the work you did connecting with the Disability Caucus. Getting into the march was hassle-free and it was wonderful being so close to the inspiring, moving speakers!


Barbara:        I was heartened by the number of people under forty who were marching.   They're necessary if our work will continue to live on. 

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Gray Panthers demand Climate Change Action in #Sandy5 March

Thousands of New Yorkers came together for the #Sandy5 march on October 28, 2017; to commemorate the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in a wave of blue, participants are demanding powerful climate action from New York’s elected officials. Over 150 local, state and national organizations, with strong representation from neighborhoods impacted by the storm, signed-on to the march.


Gray Panthers for climate change action. Click for more photos.

Gray Panthers is proud to have marched in solidarity.  Representing the constituency of older persons (and their allies) committed to reversing the devastation of climate change, we note that older people, not just Gray Panthers, are one of the consistent groups active in environmental actions.  We know the importance of the environment in which we live and the legacy that we need to leave to future generations.  

Many thanks to the GP contingent – Joan, Brendan, Edith, Kathy, Elaine, John, Jack

On September 9, 2017, Gray Panthers will march in the Labor Day Parade
, organized by the Central Labor Council.  We want a strong Gray Panthers contingent--will you join us? Please RSVP as a “Yes!” to and we’ll send you further details. Let’s show our support for the beauty of the United States of America, standing against ageism and hatred, and proudly asserting our visibility.

The consistent failures of the Trump Presidency continue to astound us.  In 2017, the world, and particularly Americans, should be coming together as humane, decent human beings; encouraging each other to be good to one another; to improve the quality of life for older persons and for all; to work toward economic and human rights prosperity for all; to reduce hatred and prejudice, including ageism. It’s heartbreaking that the current administration, from the President downward (including many members of the White House staff, Cabinet members, too many Representatives and Senators and their minions), work actively to divide and diminish the United States of America.

Many Gray Panthers vividly remember the horrors of Nazism, the revolting displays of bigotry toward African-Americans, Jews, gay people, Hispanics, women, and other groups. Recent events in Charlottesville and the subsequent lies and horrifying comments demonstrate that racism is still an active part of the American psyche. Our work is far from done. Daily, and hourly, the administration actively seeks to diminish opportunities for improvement. From the perspective of concern for older persons, the recent ageist proposals in the proposed health care legislation would impose higher health insurance premiums merely because one reaches a specific age. There is also a current proposal to make it almost impossible for nursing home residents to sue the facility for injuries, violations of rights, and other conditions. Basically, the administration seeks to allow Nursing Home owners to lobby the right to only adjudicate these claims in arbitration. This means that any decision is final, without opportunity for judicial review. Nursing home patients do not generally have the capacity to negotiate these terms with the owner of the facility. Their right to redress is seriously limited.

In the wake of Charlottesville, every person - older and younger - must be outraged by the repeated failure of the President to unequivocally denounce the Nazis, white supremacists, and other disgusting characters. The President said there are “very good people” on both sides, meaning he said that both Nazis and counter protestors could both be “very good people”. Sorry. There are no good Nazis. None. Such odious comparisons dishonor America and its good citizens. Those older persons who lived through World War II, and/or might be Holocaust survivors, must stand up and shame those who devalue and dismiss their experiences and knowledge.  There are no good white supremacists. None. 

Older persons are resources, not burdens. Older persons have the insight, experience and wisdom to make their voices heard in support of the goodness of America, not the divide. The history of Gray Panthers promotes human rights, abhors prejudice and division, promotes economic prosperity for all, fights for universal health care, works toward the elimination of ageism, and more.

As first said by Maggie Kuhn, “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” 

With deep appreciation,

Jack Kupferman, President

Gray Panthers NYC


Gray Panthers joined a couple hundred enthusiastic supporters of NY Single-Payer Health Care at a rally outside Senator Marty Golden's office in Bay Ridge on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.   Sen. Golden was conspicuously absent as 'Fight Back Bay Ridge' delivered over 1,500 signatures from constituents asking the Senator to support single-payer health care and the US State Sentate Bill S4840. 

Speakers from Physicians for a National Health Program, local organizations, activist groups, and other New Yorkers described benefits of the NY Health Act, and explained dangers of the proposed American Health Care Act, including denied benefits and gaps in coverage.  One young woman described a close friend who is foregoing treatment for a potentially curable condition because of cost. 

The rally had a theme of "super heroes," demanding Sen. Golden be one by recognizing healthcare as a non-partisan, human rights issue that will dramatically reduce healthcare costs for New York. Many of those at the rally wore capes and masks to enforce the message.  The Gray Panthers contingent, appropriately garbed, was multi-generational — with members aged 13 months through 60s.  Our message got across loud and clear!

GP Golden Rally Bay Ridge 31May17

Gray Panthers Golden Rally Bay Ridge, 31 May 2017

Join Gray Panthers at the Rally To Pass The New York Health Act

Gray Panthers invites you to join the South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance & Fight Back Bay Ridge at their Rally To Pass The New York Health Act. The Rally is co-sponsored by NYC DSA, NY Health Act Now, #Getorganizedbk, Bay Ridge Democrats Brooklyn Resisters, Rally For Healthcare, Socialist Alternative, Black Lives Matter, and Gray Panthers NYC.

Download flyer here ...

The rally will be held on Wednesday, May 31, from 4:30 - 8:30 PM at Senator Marty Golden's office, 7408 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Gray Panthers is proud to participate in this year's Earth Day activities. 

It is the responsibility of every generation to stand up and be counted on this life issue.  We need volunteers to help spread the word!  Please RSVP to for more details where and when to meet.

Fight for the preservation of Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid!
Please come to our kick off meeting to fight for the preservation of Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.  As Gray Panthers, the time is now to work with others and to help ensure that health care opportunities are not squandered in this current administration. As you know, Gray Panthers is an all-volunteer organization focusing on issues that impact age and youth. We believe civic participation and responsibility are fundamental to achieving social and economic justice and peace. 

Preserving Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs that are targeted for redesigns at the federal level is our central focus under this new administration. We have issued a Statement of Urgency to our members and activists:

Gray Panthers NYC deems the current threat to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to be a matter of urgency. We commit to initiating and/or supporting whatever actions necessary to defend against the diminution or elimination of essential services designed to keep older persons living with independence and out of poverty. Gray Panthers is further committed to improving existing benefits so future generations and all who are aging may be similarly assured.

Please support Gray Panthers today with a generous donation and by becoming a member. You may also contact us to volunteer by replying to this email or calling 917-535-0457  Our volunteers will follow up with you shortly to invite you to attend an activist training or to join us at upcoming events as a NYC Gray Panther.  

Our next meeting is on March 16, 2017, 6 PM, at the office of Transportation Alternatives, 111 John Street, Suite 206, New York, NY 10038.  Would you like to come?  Looking forward to seeing you then.

Sen. Liz Krueger’s 10th Annual Senior Resource Fair, Thurs., Oct 27, 2016, 2:00-5:00 PM. Temple Emanu-El, entrance at 1 East 65th St. NYC.  Free admission. Light refreshments. Wheelchair accessible. Visit Gray Panthers NYC @Table 27.  Over 50 exhibitors of services for older New Yorkers. Get flyer here...

gray panthers nov 3 2016 ageism fundraiser

Gray Panthers, NYC Network, hosted Happy Hour at Studio Kraut Bohemian Bar & Kitchen in the heart of the Chelsea neighborhood on Sunday, July 31, 2016, inviting all to “Eat, Drink, Complain!” The theme was to have some fun and relieve current anxieties about the political scene, as well as to recruit new members of all ages to engage in, and advance, the organization’s mission of 'Activism and Advocacy Against Ageism'. President Jack Kupferman remained all business amidst the lively music and cocktail-fueled networking, signing up enthusiastic new members on his laptop.

The 25 participants included Joan Davis, a long-time activist Gray Panthers member; Isabelle Leighton, Director of the Equality Fund at Asian Americans for Equality, peripatetic writer Sally Wendkos Olds, and others eager to learn more about how they can engage with the organization. Points of common interest, ideas, and life stories were exchanged over Studio Kraut's savory Giant Pretzels, Beirock Bites, and Truffle Fries (made deliciously possible by donors).

Recruitment doesn't end with 'Eat, Drink, Complain'. Potential members are encouraged to use the two buttons on the right side of this page, “Join” and “Donate".  Join up, donate, bring your ideas and energy to the table.  The world needs Gray Panthers now more than ever, and Gray Panthers needs you.

For more information, please contact Jack Kupferman at 917.535.0457 or

From Personal Stories to Policy: Improving the lives of care recipients and their helpers – Family Caregivers and those Paid for Service

For the public and professionals alike, this Town Hall hopes to identify practical solutions or ideas.  We hope to hear about concerns, fears and solutions – from home care workers; care recipients; and family caregivers.  Our focus will be on:  Alleviating the dearth of support, training, and education for caregivers (family and those paid); the human cost of escalating financial costs; how to address diversity and cultural competency; and maximizing autonomy and personal freedom for recipients.

Sponsored by Gray Panthers NYC Network

When:   Wednesday, April 27, 2016    1:30-4:00 PM 

Where:  Bronx Courthouse Rotunda –  851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York   

4, B or D train to 161st St., Yankee Stadium Bx1 bus to 161st St. & Grand Concourse Bx6 bus or #55 bus to River Avenue & 161st Street

Panelists: Robin Fenley, PhD,. Assistant Commissioner, NYC Department for the Aging; Carol Rodat, NY Policy Director – PHI National; Caring Kind/Alzheimer’s Association;  Joanna Leefer, MBA, GSC – Senior Care Advisor

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