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Senior Strong in NYC

A community where older New Yorkers and those who love them can find trusted resources to help you through this challenging time. Get the information and support you need right here, from governmental services available in your area to online games you can play with your family! 

The Gray Panthers Legal Services Directory For Older People in New York City July 2016

The Gray Panthers work is dedicated to providing older people with the resources they need in order to advocate for themselves and others. We’ve noted that finding Legal services in New York City that cater to the unique issues facing older people, such as the rights of nursing home patients and housing concerns, is challenging. Consequently, we at Gray Panthers recognized the need for an organized directory of legal resources and thus has created this directory in order to help older people in New York City find the legal services they need and can afford.


The legal services in this directory were designed for low-income residents of New York and are either free or low-cost. The inclusion of these entities in the directory does not signify any endorsement of them by the Gray Panthers.

Download here.

Granny Peace Brigade

Discover the power in solidarity, look around, join a social action group or form a new oneCall our representatives in Congress and let them know we are against United States military participation in the wars around the globe. Hit the streets…

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