Gray and Green Coalition’s Forum on Hydro-Fracking

Thank you for attending the Gray and Green Coalition’s Forum on Hydro-Fracking.  Many of you asked what you can do NOW.  Kate Sinding, one of our speakers, suggests that each of us can make our voices heard by doing the following.   Jack Kupferman


Yes, thanks for following up with me on this.  Here are a couple of actions people can take right now for which there are existing action alerts:

1)      Tell Governor Cuomo to make clear that DEC is not bound by the June 1 deadline for completing the revised draft supplemental generic environmental impact statement, but that DEC will have the time and resources it requires to get it right here.

2)      Comment on the proposed Delaware River Basin Commission draft regulations.  Tell the DRBC not to issue final regulations unless and until it has conducted a full environmental impact assessment here.  For more information, they can check the Delaware Riverkeeper Network website.

Other things they can do:

1)      Call, email or write Governor Cuomo and tell him not to allow any new gas drilling to happen in New York State until DEC issues new regulations following completion of the environmental review process.  You can access his contact information here.

2)      Call their Congressional representatives and tell them to support the Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals (FRAC) Act, which would eliminate the Halliburton Loophole that exempts hydraulic fracturing from regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act.  You can find your representative here.

Finally, they can check our website for new actions and to sign up for regular alerts, on which fracking is a featured issue, and/or follow my blog for current events and actions.



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