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Carrie Leljedal, Board Member


Carrie’s advocacy began with her son, Lynn Ray, a 35 year old resident of an Intermediate Care Facility for adults with Developmental Disabilities was born.

Her work as a volunteer advocate, and the COVID-19 lockdown in long-term care homes, led her to become the Illinois Caregivers for Compromise State Spokesperson and Family Advocate.


Together with her team of volunteers, she worked with the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Ombudsman program, Illinois AARP and state legislators to write Essential Caregiver legislation in Illinois. SB2322 passed unanimously in Illinois in May of 2023 and is awaiting the governor’s signature. 

Over the past three years, Carrie has worked at both a state and federal level to improve the quality-of-care residents in long term care receive. Carrie is one of twelve family members that assisted with the writing of the federal Essential Caregivers Act, formally known as H.R. 3733 and is awaiting reintroduction in the 118th congressional session. 

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