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A significant project undertaken by GPNYC was to honor nursing home lives lost as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the objective also to take subsequent action to ensure that long-term care conditions improved for residents as well as for care workers.


The project began with a virtual event that took place on May 20, 2021 to observe a national day of remembrance as an opportunity for expressing grief and to call attention to the need for nursing home reform.

Subsequent to that day of remembrance, GPNYC has organized a regular series of events named “Transformation Tuesdays”, featuring speakers who highlighted the different aspects of long-term care, both in institutional and at home settings.  The aim of these events is to increase awareness, exchange experience  and to gather support for long-term care reform. 

Below is the recording of that May 20 event. For other subsequent events, go to “News & Events

Other projects being implemented include the improvement and strengthening of  GPNYC’s organizational structure to better address its goals. With a grant from the Adler Family Foundation, GPNYC was able to, and continues to clearly define its priority areas, namely: combatting ageism; improving long-term care services; preserving and protecting social security; and ending discrimination. A key component of GPNYC’s efforts was to improve its outreach by revamping its website, forming partnerships and facilitating advocacy efforts through the Transformation Tuesday events.

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