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Winners of our 2023 Above & Beyond Awards

Watch the full Above & Beyond Awards presentation:

The 2023 Above & Beyond Award Winners

Bobbi Belasco

Nominated by Karen Campbell

Bobbi, a FT evening LPN, juggles work with being a single mother of three with chronic kidney issues. At the height of Covid, while almost all our staff was out on quarantine, she worked double shifts daily in the Covid wing without fear.

Charmaine Thomas

Nominated by Mary Miller

She worked w/o stop, working many extra shifts knowing she would have to pass meds to 40 residents. She volunteered for the COVID unit when Memory Care residents were placed there to be a familiar face. Her smile & joyous spirit were constant.

Jenny Abeling

Nominated by Neko Abeling

Jenny Abeling is my mom and she worked everyday day and night to protect residents at Laurelhurst House. She was director there when Covid began and she would sleep there everyday. She was featured on CNN because no one got Covid or died.

Jamie Sanford

Nominated by Rick Gamache

Jamie began her career as an administrator two weeks after our first COVID cases hit. She experienced so much during the height of the pandemic, but she led by example, out on the floors, with compassion and respect for residents and staff.

Marisa Silva

Nominated by Charlie Galligan

Outstanding CNA Marisa was the cream of the crop in my mom's nursing home, a great caregiver for years for my mom, and a wonderful support for our daily visitors, most notably my dad. When he slipped into Alzheimer's and we needed more care for him at home, Marisa jumped up to help us despite her own family's needs, which she never neglected, and even managed to juggle caring for my mom and all her floormates on the inside and my dad here at our house following all safety protocols, through their involuntary separation during the pandemic. It was simply heroic. Her gracious liaison between the two during the worst period of our lives was their only lifeline to each other, and is something we'll never forget. And she is the most humble woman you'd ever know, most people have no idea all she's done for us and a few thousand other families over the years. A pure gem!

Pamela Cornelius-Crosby

Nominated by Lilian Coscia

Pamela treats her “people” like family. She speaks directly to them in a soft calming voice. Through careful observation, she gets to know their individual likes and dislikes. They thrive under her care and are very responsive to her. She knows when to encourage them, and when to assist them. She is very dedicated. In her words, “Y’all trust us to care for your loved ones and that’s important”. It’s not just a job. During the pandemic, because of her self-imposed high standards and excellent work ethic, Pamela was chosen to run the “COVID house” at her facility. She had worked there for 10 years; was awarded Employee of the Year 2015, Employee of the Month 6 times. She had to suit up in gown/gloves/goggles/mask every day and enter through a zippered plastic doorway. She did not exit that doorway until the end of her shift. She had on average 6 people to care for at a time all by herself. She had to keep them engaged, in addition to assisting with all ADLs. She would read to them, play games like Bingo/cards, and watch sitcoms. Always trying to keep everyone happy and friendly. It was difficult juggling the varying needs of each COVID resident, but Pamela managed; and did not take one sick day throughout the pandemic. In 13 years, she has only been out sick 2 times. Pamela worked extra hours. It was physically and emotionally exhausting. She was happy to see residents “graduate” out of her house.

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