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Nursing homes are sad and lonely places to live, with very little personal freedom for residents. People living in nursing homes all too often feel forgotten. Will you join us in lifting up our elderly friends by reminding them that they deeply matter and are loved? Will you join us in sending handmade cards to a nursing home listed here or one of your choosing?

The catastrophe of COVID-19 deaths of long-term care residents has made clear what many of us have long known: The whole system is broken. Piecemeal fixes added on to a dysfunctional system have not worked in the past and they are less likely to solve the problems of a post COVID-19 future. The long-term care universe needs to be reimagined and rebuilt from top to bottom and from inside out.

Discover the power in solidarity, look around, join a social action group or form a new oneCall our representatives in Congress and let them know we are against United States military participation in the wars around the globe.  Hit the streets…

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