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Intergenerational Book Club

"Age and Youth in Action" is the core mission of Gray Panthers, and we would like to further our intergenerational efforts by creating an intergenerational book club that will meet every other month.  


Gray Panthers NYC hosts a Transformation Tuesday series focused on a number of aging related topics (quality of care in long-term care, caregiving, person-centered care, etc.). To view the topics spoken about during this series, click here.  


Many of our past and future Transformation Tuesday presenters are authors, providing us with a rich list of books to choose from.  


The goal of this book club is to continue the conversation around the topics presented at our Transformation Tuesdays, inspire younger persons to explore the various aspects related to aging and foster a safe space where various perspectives can be shared as well as discussed.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sophia at 

Our first meeting on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024, will feature Caregiving Navigator by GPNYC's Board Member Ron Roel! This book lays out a comprehensive 6-step action-oriented plan for family caregivers caring for a loved one on Long Island.  

GPNYC Book Club Flyer - Ron Roel.png
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