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Gray Panthers FAQ: Is there a National Gray Panthers Entity?

A couple of months ago, we started a blog post series answering some frequently asked questions about Gray Panthers. 

And the question we’re tackling today is whether there is a national Gray Panthers entity.

In short, the answer is “yes.” There is something called the National Council of Gray Panthers Networks, which, as you might guess by the name, is a national entity consisting of a number of local Gray Panthers networks across the United States. These local networks, including ours in New York City, come together for a monthly National Council meeting to decide what sorts of policy positions and actions it would take on the national level. (And yes, there are local networks other than here in New York City. We will talk more about that in the next Gray Panthers FAQ blog post.)

This perhaps provokes a couple of follow-up questions…

The first one is probably this: How do I get involved with the National Council of Gray Panthers Networks? Thankfully, there is a way to become a member, and you can learn about how to become a member, as well as how to get involved, here

And then the second one is probably this: How do I follow the work of this National Council? You can do so by following their page on Facebook. That page, for the record, mostly features calls to action about policy issues at the federal level. Additionally, there is a subscription form that you can sign up for in the link provided in the previous paragraph, through which you can learn about the actions of the National Council of Gray Panthers Networks. 

Do you have other questions about the National Council of Gray Panthers Networks? If so, let us know, and if we can’t answer it, we’ll certainly ask it of the National Council.

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