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  • Jack Kupferman

Intern Spotlight: Nellie Kochnari, The Elliott School of International Affairs

I have always had a passion for equality and human rights. My path revealed itself when I was told about the brutal murder of my great aunt during the anti-government protests in my home country during the 1980s. Additionally, the Black Lives Matter movement sparked by the death of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor gave way to a sense of purpose and a passion for equality that led me to the Gray Panthers NYC. This internship allowed me to bring in my skills to assist with community change and building opportunity.

My academic focus has been International Development Studies and I am currently working towards obtaining my master’s degree in the same program. I have completed several research projects throughout my undergraduate and graduate career on a broad variety of global topics such as the issue of farmer suicides in the West Bengal region of India and the issue of cybersecurity in Colombia. Our team worked on promoting a more equitable digital culture in Colombia, establishing safe and secure use of technology as well as increasing cybersecurity for communities to thrive.


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