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  • Emily Trask

McKnight's LTC News: Advocates call for ACA-backed demonstration projects in nursing home sector

FEBRUARY 28, 2024

Patient advocates and nursing home operators intent on shifting the traditional approach to skilled nursing care should seize on a call for demonstration projects included in the Affordable Care Act, two experts said during a national webinar Tuesday.

“If Congress would like to [invest in innovation], and we hope they will, we need your help to get them to do it,” long-term care policy analyst Anne Montgomery said during a webinar on the future of nursing homes. “It could be attached to the legislative authority … in … the Affordable Care Act. … It hasn’t yet been used for its intended purpose of transforming the nursing home system.”

Montgomery, a member of the Moving Forward Coalition and a former senior advisor to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, has embraced the Green House model and sees investment in a nationwide pilot as both cost- and care-effective. 


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