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  • Susan Friedman

Public Hospital Laguna Honda Faced Closing

San Francisco and federal agencies came to a last-minute agreement to extend the pause on patient transfers at Laguna Honda Hospital. In April 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services decertified Laguna Honda, cut funding, and ordered its closure over a variety of deficiencies in care and administration. The closure order brought forced patient transfers, which have been blamed for some patient deaths. An agreement was reached just before a deadline of May 19.

Dr. Teresa Palmer, a former doctor at Laguna Honda and patient advocate expressed relief but alluded to future challenges. ”I am very relieved at this last-minute reprieve on closure and evictions from Laguna Honda Hospital.” Palmer wrote in an email, adding " we could not have gotten far without SF Gray Panthers. Of course, any victory like this is temporary."


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