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  • Jack Kupferman

Spotlight: Edith Cresmer, Medicare Rights Volunteer

Edith Cresmer has been a volunteer with the Medicare Rights Center for more than 10 years, helping our team field countless calls to our Helpline from people struggling to understand and access their health care benefits.

Not only has she assisted hundreds of older adults and people with disabilities during her tenure with us, she is also a donor.

Recently we sat down with Edith for a Q&A, and here is what we learned:

Medicare Rights: What attracted you to volunteering with our Helpline?

Edith: I have a background in mental health, and once I retired I was still consulting in the field, which left me with a bit of time available. I wanted to do something really worthwhile, and volunteering with Medicare Rights presented an opportunity to help people understand their rights and their coverage options. That seemed pretty worthwhile to me!

Medicare Rights: What is your favorite part about volunteering here?

Edith: My favorite part is getting to talk with the people who call in need of help; it’s gratifying when I’m able to walk someone through their benefits and help resolve their coverage issues. I also love the camaraderie we volunteers share with one another, discussing our experiences and sharing our knowledge.

Medicare Rights: What is the most challenging part of your volunteer work?

Edith: That would have to be those calls we get from people who are really frustrated and upset because they’ve been struggling with some very complex coverage issues. It can be hard to help callers who are that upset because they sometimes don’t hear the advice we are providing, but I try to find ways to connect with them and reassure them, and often that helps to calm them. I also turn to our Helpline supervisors to reassure distressed callers that we are here to help as much as we possibly can.

Medicare Rights: In addition to giving your time, what made you decide to also become a donor?

Edith: Throughout my years assisting people with Medicare and their families who call us for assistance, I see the great work Medicare Rights staff and volunteers do to ensure that everyone has access to necessary care and prescriptions. I know my donation goes straight to helping others in need.


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