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Spotlight: Edith Cresmer, Medicare Rights Volunteer

Edith Cresmer has been a volunteer with the Medicare Rights Center for more than 10 years, helping our team field countless calls to our Helpline from people struggling to understand and access their health care benefits. Not only has she assisted hundreds of older adults and people with disabilities during her tenure with us, she is also a donor. 

Recently, sat down with Edith for a Q&A, and here is what we learned.

Gray Panthers Summer Picnic
By: Brendan Birth, Intern

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 8.28.52 PM

On Sunday, July 19, the Gray Panthers, NYC Network held a picnic at Bryant Park. The weather was gorgeous (if a little hot), the food was terrific, and the setting was a refreshing change-of-pace from what I attended a few days before the picnic: the United Nations’ 6th Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA). Furthermore, it was wonderful for me, an intern, to associate faces with the names I see in many of the Gray Panthers’ e-mails. Thank you to all who attended for making this picnic a wonderful experience.

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Statement of Gray Panthers for the Sixth Session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing

Statement of Gray Panthers NYC Network, authored by Gray Panthers Summer Interns to the Sixth Session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing at the United Nations Headquarters New York, taking place July 14-16, 2015. 

We are honored to speak on behalf of the five Gray Panthers interns, and to share our perspective about aging with you.

Florence Shen, Colgate University
Brendan Birth, Dickinson College
Mallory Shaner, Colgate University
Scott Levinson, Colgate University
Jason Magaziner, Carleton College

Read the Graypanther’s Statement to the OEWGA...

Jack Kupferman of Gray Panthers delivers a statement about ageism at the opening session of the High Level Political Forum. 

Ageism is still a generally unrecognized discrimination. Older persons are among the most invisible and least included. While great strides have been made to ensure inclusion of the current 830 million older persons into the sustainable development agenda, the HLPF must monitor its implementation to ensure that older persons are not left behind.

Read Statement here…


Frances Zainoeddin of Gray Panthers delivers a statement on behalf of the Stakeholder Group at the opening session of the High Level Political Forum. 

HelpAge post 2015 advocacy group has shared some pictures and the fantastic statement that Frances Zainoeddin of Gray Panthers delivered on behalf of the Stakeholder Group at the opening session of the High Level Political Forum.

Read Final Statement here...

Frances on screenFrances Zainoeddin of Gray PanthersFrances Zainoeddin of Gray Panthers

2015 Meeting of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF 2015)

The third meeting of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF 2015) opened on Friday, 26 June 2015, at UN Headquarters in New York.

Additional Coverage here…


Frances Zainoeddin, Gray Panthers NY

More Coverage here...


Jack Kupferman, Gray Panthers NY, second from left;
Reinforcing Major Groups and other stakeholders' participation

Who me, ageist?

who me, ageist

Confronting ageism means replacing those ageist stereotypes and stories with more nuanced and accurate ones. That won’t happen without a mass shift of consciousness. That shift, like all social movements, begins within each of us. 

By sharing truths, vulnerabilities, and experiences, we learn that being sidelined and feeling inadequate aren't a result of personal failings. They're a result of being discriminated against.

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Frances Zainoeddin, Gray Panther, was interviewed following the 2015 Commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day at the United Nations.  She, and all Gray Panthers, work tremendously hard to ensure that the voices of older persons are heard; that older persons and younger persons working together can accomplish great things; that ageism and all discriminatory behaviors must be eliminated.  

Brava, Frances.  Thank you for making us more aware.

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