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  • Michelle Arnot

A Different Ask for Giving Tuesday 2022 from Gray Panthers NYC

This Giving Tuesday, Gray Panthers NYC is asking you to donate your time to support our work on Nursing Home transformation!

Pick one (or all three) of the options below:

  1. BE A PENPAL: Volunteer with the Nursing Home Card Project by writing and sending cards.

  2. TRAIN AS A CITIZEN ADVOCATE: Become a volunteer ombudsman or “citizen advocate” through The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP), a federally-mandated advocacy program for these residents giving them their voice and helping enforce their rights. Learn more here.

  3. MEMORIAL PLANNING COMMITTEE: Join Gray Panthers NYC to honor the lives of those we have lost to COVID-19 in nursing homes by developing a proposal for a physical memorial and a virtual memorial. Contact Michelle Arnot (michelle (at) to join our effort.


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