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  • Jack Kupferman

Gray Panthers is hosting a session parallel to the UN General Assembly!

During the UN General Assembly, there will be virtual Global People's Assembly highlighting inequalities and injustices during the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond, while planning changes to address these injustices. One of the sessions in this Global People's Assembly is hosted by Gray Panthers!

The session, titled "Age and Youth - Together for a Change; Dignity and Rights in the time of Covid", will take place on Wednesday, September 22nd at noon. The session will explore the human rights of older persons and combatting ageism and discrimination through intergenerational advocacy. It promises to take the Gray Panthers message of "Age and Youth in Action" to the global level, both during and beyond the current pandemic.

The event is free, but registration is required. On the registration form, make sure to check off that you are registering for the event titled "Older Persons" (the times are listed in Greenwich Mean Time, which is why the event is listed as happening between 16:00 and 17:00 on the 22nd).

If you have any issues registering, please email Jack Kupferman at


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