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Gray Panthers NYC Transformation Tuesday Highlights Nursing Home Wishes for 2023

“Ultimately, we must ensure that our nursing homes are truly homes for those living in them.” -- New York City Council Member Crystal Hudson at the December 27, 2022. Gray Panthers NYC Transformation Tuesday.

At our most recent Transformation Tuesday, we heard from nursing home residents and advocates on their wish lists for nursing home improvements in 2023.

Speaking with diverse voices from several locations including Georgia and Texas about their personal nursing home experiences, two common themes emerged: the need for better trained and better paid staff and the importance of making nursing homes feel like homes for its residents. Within these common themes were some revealing findings: residents were concerned about gender-adequate staffing, had experienced nutritionally inadequate food, and desired a wider variety of recreational opportunities (including intellectually stimulating ones, because bingo isn’t enough).

However, it is one thing to talk about what we and others want for nursing homes in 2023, but another thing entirely to act on what we want. To that end, we at Gray Panthers NYC look forward to working with nursing home residents and advocates in the year ahead to ensure that these concerns are broadcast widely so we can better advocate for the nursing homes all residents deserve.

Nursing home residents deserve to live with dignity. Anything short of that is shameful.


Register for our next Transformation Tuesday Solutions to Ageism in Nursing Homes on January 31, 2023 at 2 pm:

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