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  • Michelle Arnot

GREED OVER CARE - The Financing of Nursing Homes in NYS, March 22, 2022


Contact: Saleen Shah, 917.664.1428

GREED OVER CARE - The Financing of Nursing Homes in NYS

WHAT: Webinar Alert. Even though the NYS legislature has finally enacted long overdue standards to assure safe staffing requirements for nursing homes, there has been push back from nursing home facility owners as well as delay in implementation by Governor Kathy Hochul. We will be examining the financial underpinnings of the nursing home industry. A panel of experts will address what needs to happen in the state of New York and beyond.


· Richard Mollot - Executive Director, Long Term Care Community Coalition

· Sam Brooks - Policy Manager, National Consumer Voice for Quality Long Term Care

· Marissa Espinoza - Brooklyn Law School

· Lindsay Heckler, Esq. - Supervising Attorney, Center for Elder Law & Justice

WHEN: Tuesday, March 22, 2:00-3:00PM

WHY: Clarification of nursing home financing issues offers an opportunity for New Yorkers to call for immediate improvements for care in New York’s nursing homes *and* firm commitments from Governor Hochul!

The time for this important panel discussion is now, especially since the Biden-Harris administration has just launched a major overhaul of nursing home quality, including minimum staffing levels and steps to beef up inspections while continuing to keep COVID-19 at bay. In addition, White House officials have outlined more than 20 separate actions, many of them sought by advocates and opposed by the industry. We need firm commitments from Governor Hochul!

This ongoing webinar is part of GPNYC's ongoing virtual Transformation Tuesdays series, and occurs on the second Tuesday of each month. Each session's panel is composed of industry leaders and elder care advocates with the goal to improve oversight of nursing home facilities.

About Gray Panthers NYC

Gray Panthers NYC is committed to combating ageism and to achieving social justice through intergenerational advocacy. We believe in active engagement. We believe civic participation and responsibility are fundamental to achieving a more just society. We work to create a human society - one that puts the needs of people over profits, responsibility over power and democracy over institutions.


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