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  • Gray Panthers NYC Board

Reasons to Commemorate and Celebrate

While there was, is, and likely will be no shortage of bad news to cover and listen to, there are at the same time reasons to commemorate and celebrate.

First, today is World AIDS Day. It is a day to show solidarity with those who battle HIV/AIDS, and at the same time recognize (and celebrate) the progress made since the first cases of the disease were found over four decades ago. We hope for continued progress, particularly in communities where access to quality healthcare for those living with HIV/AIDS remains a challenge.

Second, we celebrate the recent passage of a bill in the United States Senate proposing to codify same-sex and interracial marriage. Wild as this may seem, there is nothing in federal law codifying either! Thankfully, the Senate’s passage of legislation on both gets us a major step closer to this becoming federal law.

Sometimes, it may feel like there is no forward progress towards the more humane and just world that Gray Panthers, as well as many other people and organizations, envision. But sometimes, there are reminders that we can, and we do, move forward.


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