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  • Michelle Arnot

May 30, 2023, Unity For Long-Term Care, Transformation Tuesday

GPNYC will produce a series of four virtual sessions with the aim of uniting advocates to improve quality of life in the nursing home space and forge an alliance.

May 30: Unity For Long-Term Care: A Series
June 27: One Mad Mom Made a Difference -- the Power of Family
July 25: Building Bridges Among Residents
August 29: Building Bridges With the Industry

Michelle Arnot, vice president GPNYC, and Carrie Leljedal, family advocate Essential Caregiver’s Coalition Illinois State representative, will co-chair this series.

Sen. Wyden, chair of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and longtime Gray Panther supporter, will make opening remarks on May 30 at 2:00 p.m. in reference to legislation entitled Nursing Home Improvement and Accountability Act.

In addition to Sen. Wyden’s appearance, the panelists include:

  • Anne Montgomery, Live Oak Project

  • Alice Bonner, Moving Forward Coalition

  • Susie Singer Carter, director, "No Country for Old People"

  • Rick Mountcastle, retired federal/state prosecutor

Since 2021, GPNYC has conducted monthly webinars with elected officials, industry experts, and advocates addressing key issues on nursing home transformation. The intention is to join advocates together to bring this issue to public attention and to support current legislation on the topic.

Arnot says: "We have preached to the choir and watched the choir grow. Now we want to bring the message to the attention of the tax-paying public.”

"We will connect the dots so that we can fix a broken system," said Leljedal. "This alliance will strive for family-centered care.”


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