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Answering Questions about Gray Panthers: Introducing a New Blog Post Series

If you mention the name “Gray Panthers” to someone, you may get some questions. Or, if you hear about Gray Panthers after never hearing about us before, or after not hearing about us for years, you may have some questions about the organization yourself.

So, in order to help answer some of these questions, we’re starting a blog post series where we hope to answer questions frequently heard about Gray Panthers! Each post will tackle a question, and in that post, we will look to answer it. So that way, you as a reader will hopefully learn more about Gray Panthers.

So, if there are any questions you have about us, or any questions people have asked you about us, please let us know, and we might answer your question in a future blog post!*

Or, alternatively, if you don’t have any questions about us but just generally want to learn more about the organization, we hope that this blog post series will be a great place to start.


*Please note that asking a question doesn’t guarantee that your question will be answered in a subsequent blog post. All it guarantees is that the writers and editors of the blog will take a look at your question.

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