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  • Jack Kupferman

Gray Panthers NYC Stands Against Asian Hate

For the past year, too many people have held on to the falsehood that people of Asian descent are the cause of the virus. This falsehood has led to a wave of anti-Asian hate.

However, this hate against people of Asian descent does not exist in a bubble. From Chinese exclusion laws in the early 20th century to Japanese internment camps in the United States during World War II, the United States has a history of treating people of Asian descent as less-than. What we're seeing now is only the latest example of a pattern of prejudice against people of Asian descent in this country.

That pattern must be broken, and it must be broken now. End Asian hate. Anything less than that will endanger the lives of Asians in our country.

Gray Panthers stands in solidarity with people of Asian descent. We are angry with the rise in anti-Asian hate, and grieve that this prejudice endangers lives. No hate should be tolerated. Not now. Not ever.


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